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Virtual Product Placement in a Virtual World

Virtual Product Placement in a Virtual World

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A development in technology has made it much easier for people to ignore typical messages. Firms need to look for a new alternative to acquire the mind of the consumers. PP in movies is one of the answer advertisers have found. In media and entertainment environment PP is the inclusion of brand. PP has been used widely in entertainment media, like TV programs and films. Since PP is became a common practice in the media many studies have been done on how people react with this type of stealth adv. messages. The way consumers’ process PP in fact completely differs from the way they process the traditional adv. Firstly, consumers quickly recognize traditional adv., and therefore they become skeptical and aware of the persuasion mechanism from the brand message. Instead PP is rather less likely to activate these defense mechanisms. Secondly, the traditional adv. is usually the main focus of the viewer. On PP instead, the viewer has the main focus on the entertainment media and not on the adv. message. Currently the attention on PP has begun to move and develop in other media such Videogames. It's here where everything seems to blow all apart....