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Improving Moncaro's Social Media Marketing Efforts

Improving Moncaro's Social Media Marketing Efforts

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Social media continues to become a popular promotional platform for many businesses because of its high exposure rates and low costs. This research focused on how Moncaro, an Italian wine cooperative could use social media to communicate and promote their products to Canadian wine consumers. From various literary sources and a questionnaire, several aspects of social media usage among individuals and for marketing purposes were determined. In addition, wine consumption behavior in Canada was examined. It was identified that the use and frequency of use on social media sites like Facebook is continuously rising because of their simplicity and the enjoyment they give the user. Marketing activities have been transformed from ignored mass promotions to specialized communications that are used to create relationships with consumers. Wine consumption in Canada is at its highest and is showing no signs of declining in the near future. It was decided upon that Moncaro should adopt a basic social marketing strategy. With this strategy, unique characteristics of their wines and the Marche region are key promotional areas to use in further attracting Canadian wine drinkers.
To Further Attract Wine Consumers in Canada