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Offerers’ Relations with Customers

Offerers’ Relations with Customers

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All marketing orientations have one mutual assumption, which is the pursuit of the best fulfillment of purchasers’ expectations. However, the holistic orientation stands out from them; according to this, the assumption should be used with reference to all subjects interested in the offer of a given supplier, regardless of this offer’s specificity. A company that is marketing oriented in the holistic approach treats the needs of all recipients as a priority, including final purchasers, their employees, etc, aiming at their fulfillment in the best possible way; building long-term relations serves this purpose. On the basis of the discussion presented in this book one can state the fact that many offerers in Poland are still taking activities towards their employees and final purchasers which are entirely antithetical not only with holistic marketing orientation, but even with the assumptions of its classical approach. Acting against the principles of ethics proves the instrumental and objective treatment of recipients, whose needs and expectations should theoretically guide offerers’ activity.
Marketing holistic approach and marketing practice