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Social Media Marketing's Impact on Brand Perception

Social Media Marketing's Impact on Brand Perception

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Through the innovation in social media, marketing communication has become interesting, social, precise, interactive and personal. As compared to traditional media advertising consumers are now attracted by the communications through social networking sites. The main aim of the research is to investigate the impact of social media on consumer brand perception. For the purpose of research accomplishment case of KFC is taken. The results of the study proved that the social media has great influence on the perceptions of consumers regarding the brand and also social media marketing is effective in promoting brands. Also, social media marketing improves the image of brand, brand loyalty, brand commitment and brand awareness and ultimately results in creating positive perception regarding the brands on consumers mind. It is the author’s hope that marketing managers and professionals who work on this area will find this study informative and useful with managerial implications in it.
Investigating the impact of social media on brand perception: A case of KFC