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The Influence of Relationship Marketing on Customer Loyalty

The Influence of Relationship Marketing on Customer Loyalty

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Increasingly, marketing is moving from a focus on individual transactions and towards a focus on building value-laden relationships and partnerships with the customer. The goal is to deliver long-term value and relationship with existing customers and the measure of success is customer loyalty. There are many different relationship marketing tactics implemented for retaining customers. However, some of those tactics do not affect customer loyalty effectively and switching behaviors frequently occur among most of targeted customers. Therefore, this study is aimed to investigate the influence of relationship marketing tactics on relationship quality, which in turn influences customer loyalty, by focusing on Kenyan Telecommunication vendor sector. A conceptual framework is developed as a guideline to test the relationships between relationship marketing tactics (service quality, price perception, personalization and value offers), relationship quality constructs (customer satisfaction, customer trust and customer commitment) and finally on customer loyalty.
The influence of Relationship Marketing by Telecommunication vendors on Kenyan Service Providers' customer loyalty