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Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

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Finding useful and relevant online information has become a complicated task for many online users, especially as information on the Web has increased exponentially, and millions of new Web pages are introduced daily into the Web environment. Consequently, Web search engines are now the starting point and major informational sources for online users in facilitating Web search activities. As such, businesses have recognized the importance of having their website highly ranked and visible in search engine result pages, which may be achieved through the use of the Sponsored Search Advertising (SSA) approach. The increased market demand for more consumer-oriented, targeted and non-intrusive Web advertising formats has led to the development of SSA. Such advertising offers Web advertisers the ability to more precisely target and direct Web users to their websites. Despite the phenomenal growth of SSA, scant research attention has been given to how consumers respond to this form of Web advertising.This lack of awareness, and use, has highlighted the need for further and more extensive research. Thus, an exploration of the processes surrounding consumer response to SSA is warranted.
An Exploration of Consumer Response towards Sponsored Search Advertising (SSA)