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Online Visual Merchandising

Online Visual Merchandising

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Over the last years the online trade is growing rapidly. Web stores are selling more and more goods and the principles of merchandising are finding new soil for further development. We are witnessing an online technological boom of web stores and especially the techniques and elements of presenting goods in an online environment. This technological development is giving birth to a new scientific branch which we call Online Visual Merchandising. This book provides an in-depth study of apparel online stores, focusing on three goals: identification and systematization of online visual merchandising elements (OVME) of apparel web stores; classification of apparel web stores from the point of view of OVME, and finally – optimizing the OVME for a specific target group. This book is one of the first steps towards the building of a sound scientific “groundwork” of the theory of Online Visual Merchandising. It could be very useful for online shop managers/owners, internet marketing consultants, web designers, marketing specialists, advertising creative personnel, and marketing students.
Structural Elements And Optimization For Apparel Web Stores