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Marketing Strategies, Consumer’s Cooperative in India (U.P.), Concept

Marketing Strategies, Consumer’s Cooperative in India (U.P.), Concept

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The Consumer Cooperative is an essential instrument for implementing State policies in areas such as public distribution, market intervention and price support operations for agricultural commodities. The role of cooperatives has acquired a new dimension in the changing scenario of globalization and liberalization of the Indian economy. This book focuses on the practical implication of strategies for retaining cooperative identities in India specifically in Utter Pradesh. The core objective of this book is to provide clear view and framework on Marketing Strategies of Consumer Cooperatives. It includes 4Ps and bases of marketing strategies as its main part. This book also provides students with the most extensive help available to learn the present scenario of Consumer Cooperatives through analysis and interpretation. The book broadly discusses:Conceptual Background of Consumer Cooperatives in India, Consumer Cooperative Retaining Strategy, Product Strategy, Price Strategy, Promotion Strategy & Place Strategy with primary survey analysis, Marketing Strategy: Analysis & Interpretation including suggestive measures specifically for marketing strategies of Consumer Cooperatives.