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Marketing of Selected Management Institutes in India

Marketing of Selected Management Institutes in India

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Marketing of services is selling the invisible as a core product offering. Rising consciousness of the benefits of one essential service viz. management education coupled with the growing ability to pay for it has led to an upsurge in the student population seeking value-based management education. This influences the development of more tactical marketing-mix from the packaging and pricing of service bundles, to define distribution and promotional options, which help in development of the marketing strategies. The review of literature shows that qualitative aspect of higher education and its continuous up-gradation has been given the main emphasis. No such extensive literature is available, which deals with marketing of management institutes. Some of the studies reveal that there is need of marketing of management education but the different marketing strategies and their effectiveness are not clearly stated. Therefore, the present study is expected to fill up this gap. It should benefit the present researchers and thinkers on the same field, the various builders of management education; and also the students, in understanding and selecting the right institute of their choice
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