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International Film Advertising as a Mirror of Cultural Dimensions

International Film Advertising as a Mirror of Cultural Dimensions

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As the global market is booming, the use of globalised advertising strategies has increased exponentially. With this new tendency has also come a rise in the need for intercultural competence and knowledge. Traditional approaches to advertising are no longer effective, as more and more countries and cultures are entering the market. This also affects the film advertising market, a field in which only very limited academic literature exists. This book, therefore, provides a new insight into marketing and specifically film advertising. With the help of in-depth analyses of French and German movie trailers, the differing advertising styles are discussed. The findings are interpreted in accordance with cultural theories developed by Hofstede and Hall, and represent an interesting and exciting approach to the marketing field. The analysis helps shed light on this thrilling environment, especially in regards to cross-cultural advertising between France and Germany, two important countries in the European market. This book should be useful to professionals in the field of Culture Studies, Communications and Marketing, or anyone else who may be interested in film advertising.
An Example of French and German Movie Trailers