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Suit Up

Suit Up

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Fifty years ago a smooth talking, suave debonair hero emerged from Ian Flemming's fantasy and came alive on the movie screens. This elegantly dressed assassin has been a global hero for many generations. The way Bond dresses and the brands he endorses has been much talked about. In the past few years marketing literature talking about product patronage and film’s role as a brand and a brand endorser has emerged and a lot of significance has been given to the endorsed brand’s role in creating a brandscape where fans not only relate to the film but to other fans as well. This book uses the idea of a film brandscape to study the James Bond franchise to study the brandscape by focusing on the fashion brands patronized in the films and how consumers use the patronized brands to create and morph meanings for themselves in their daily lives.
The concept of self through the communal embeddedness of a James Bond brandscape