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Effective Advertising Media in Cell Phone Industry

Effective Advertising Media in Cell Phone Industry

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Advertising is one of the most important and costly marketing functions. A study on how the effective advertising media is required in order to compute whether the advertising is effective or not. Therefore, this research will study on effective advertising media in cell phone industry. The theoretical structure used under this study is Hierarchy of Effects Model by Lavidge and Steiner, which measures the effective advertising media based on the awareness, knowledge, liking, preference, and conviction and purchase stages. Clients will go on the several stages before make a purchasing decision. This study used both primary and secondary data & non-probability sampling (convenience sampling) & questionnaire. This analysis finds out that Cell Phone Advertising is in the average level based on the Hierarchy Effective Model by Lavidge and Steiner. The advertisement does not create strong influence to the target audiences in term of creating awareness, enriching knowledge, building liking and preference, boosting confidence and making decision to purchase. This study will be helpful to researcher, developer of cell phone industry, government, businessman find it to be beneficial.