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Branding Strategies after Mergers & Acquisitions

Branding Strategies after Mergers & Acquisitions

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The last few decades have been characterized by high levels in merger and acquisition activity, and this trend continues to be a very popular form of corporate and profitable growth. In the current context of globalization, the process becomes more complex when entering new markets. Capturing the intangible value in the merger, and growing that value through integration, it is a complex and poorly understood challenge. As a consequence of the increasing foreign economic activity, companies need to pay more attention in the creation of a strong brand that may compete internationally. This book examines the alternatives that companies have in branding strategies after mergers and acquisitions and its subsequent economic and financial consequences. Concretely, a qualitative study is performed to analyze the main advantages and disadvantages of each brand strategy through a multiple case study of four leading companies within the energy sector in the Nordic countries. In addition, a descriptive and exploratory research is carried out in order to suggest the more appropriate brand strategy.
A qualitative study for the Energy Industry within the Nordic countries