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Techno-Relationship Innovations

Techno-Relationship Innovations

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The adoption of appropriate technology can lead firms to greater business competency, improvement of business performance, and the creation of competitive advantage. The concept of Techno-relationship innovation is proposed and defined as a technology-related idea, process, method, product, or service that is intended to perform relationship marketing tasks and which is perceived as new to an individual or a firm. This book presents an adoption model used for exploring the factors affecting the adoption of techno-relationship innovations. By using an electronic customer relationship management (eCRM) application as a case study, the applicability of the adoption model is demonstrated. The Key Influential Factor (KIF) model is consequently presented, indicating the relative importance of each of the KIF for techno-relationship innovations. The book offers useful information to government, private agencies and technology suppliers who wish to encourage the adoption of such innovations.
Concept, Adoption model, Empirical evidence