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Green Marketing Perceptions and Opinions

Green Marketing Perceptions and Opinions

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In today''s consumer driven, throw-away society Green marketing may be seen as an oxymoron where the two terms fundamentally disagree about consumer consumption and habits. Consumers, recognising this conflict of interest, are therefore particularly critical of companies'' Green marketing efforts, making employing strategies and methods difficult and critical to a companies'' success and reputation. This book documents an online exploratory multiple comparative case study of the Green marketing communication strategies of Tesco, The Body Shop and IKEA as per an interpretation of Grant''s (2007) typologies and the effects they have on consumers'' perceptions and opinions. By comparing the findings about each company, new and interesting conclusions are able to be drawn about each company''s Green marketing communications, providing a higher level of consumer and strategy understanding. This book explores a largely undocumented area of Green marketing and is a useful reference for both individuals studying this discipline and companies learning about the possible effects of the strategies they employ.
An Online Comparative Company Case Study of Communication Strategies