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The competitiveness of the Hungarian palinka

The competitiveness of the Hungarian palinka

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If I say ouzo you say Greece. If I say grappa you say Italy. If I say tequila for sure you will say Mexico. And I could continue this list… What is about palinka? Do you recognize Hungary of it? Do you know that it is a real Hungaricum and it can be produced only in Hungary, only from tasteful Hungarian fruits? Do you know that it consists of only fruit and no other added material? Do you know that this noble drink was already used for healing purposes in the 13-14th century? In case you do not: you should read this report to get familiar with the national spirit of the Hungarian. In case you do: you should recognize what a treasure it is and almost nobody else (except you) know this. With this book I would like to draw attention to the great possibilities of the palinka. It is a real high-quality product and with a sufficient marketing strategy it could become one of the best spirits of Europe. The target group of the book is everyone who is related to the palinka. From the producers to the traders, all the consumers who have ever tasted palinka or will do in the future: this work would like to be an overview of the topic.
The past, the present and the future