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Low-Income Consumer Behaviour

Low-Income Consumer Behaviour

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As marketing environment becomes more volatile in recent times, the need for businesses to have an in- depth understanding of how consumers react to marketing stimuli also becomes more compelling. This is because their success is inextricably linked to how satisfied consumers are in relation to their offerings. This can be very challenging considering the diversity which exists among consumers in relation to many factors such as age, gender and income. Thus, generalisation in consumer behaviour without due reference to the contextual factors identified among each consumer segment will provide a limited understanding of their decision making. Hence, this book explores the salient beliefs, central motivation, and attitudes of low-income women consumers in relation to their consumption of low-involvement grocery products. It features a comprehensive synthesis of thoughts as conceptually linked to findings from an empirical study on the day-to-day purchase behaviour of these consumers. Business students, especially those studying marketing, and marketing practitioners will benefit immensely from the insights offered in this textbook.
A Contextual Focus on Women and Low-Involvement Grocery Products