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The Internet use by the Luxury industry

The Internet use by the Luxury industry

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Luxury can be characterized using these following adjectives: high price product, exclusivity, prestige, and niche market. The Internet is a mass media using by 1,596 million of people around the world that doesn''t permit physical interaction between web users. Despite this, the authors asked themselves why a mass media without physical contact possibility was used by an industry of niche whose the pillars are high service levels and relationship. The aim of the study was firstly to understand and show that the Internet is a medium equal to the luxury industry''s demands and needs in terms of communication and distribution. The second objective was to describe how luxury brands should design and build their websites in order to respect their luxury''s specificities and reach their goals. This paper starts by equiping the readers with the subject in concern. Besides it, an overview of the relevant concepts about marketing tools and Internet applications available to online brands is made. Laslty, the concept of Web experience is reached giving the important elements (marketing tools and Internet applications)in a website conception.
An interactive tool for a very demanding sector