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Microcredit contribution on social wellbeing

Microcredit contribution on social wellbeing

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This book tries to bring facts/figures concerning the alternative viewpoints interconnected with the level of the contribution of microcredit on social welfare analyzing microcredit sector and microcredit institutions as a case study of Albania. In this research, the key component we focus on Microcredit is propensing to answer these issuees: Does being client of microcredit companies bring positive changes in the living standards of microcredit program participants and broadly in their communities? Do the responses provided during the client interviews seem to indicate any empowerment, as expressed by increased confidence in one''s abilities to be a provider for the family, a successful entrepreneur and a productive member of the community? Are the clients of microcredit improving their professional competency, which for them, may be a better measure for self-empowerment? These are some of the questions this research try to answer by this survey-based investigation among microcredit customers.
Case Study Albania