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Price Instability in the Maize Market in Malawi

Price Instability in the Maize Market in Malawi

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This timely book explores Seasonal Price Instability in the Malawi Maize Market over the 21-year period from 1989 to 2009, covering five interlocking dimensions. The first establishes the reasons why maize price instability in Malawi is critical. The second sets out the causes and effects of price instability, and its relationship to the history of the maize market in Malawi, including the current policy options for Price Stabilization such as the Market Based Risk Management Options. The third analyses the average magnitude of seasonal price changes. The fourth examines competitiveness of the Malawi maize market. The fifth provides an analytic narrative account of episodes of extreme maize price volatility in Malawi. Among the findings of the book include: the 21 year gross seasonal margin for maize averaged 60 per cent, and varies by location. Other food crops exhibit less price seasonality. The maize market is competitive, but politics characterize extreme price spikes. The book is an essential reading material for students, researchers, personnel and consultants working on food security issues in sub-Saharan African countries.
Maize Price Seasonality and Food Security