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Market position of coffee farmers in the coffee supply chain

Market position of coffee farmers in the coffee supply chain

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From the early centuries coffee has been used for its spiritual and medical values.The value of coffee, as a drink lies especially on its pleasant and satisfying flavor.In Tanzania, coffee is one of the main export crops. Coffee industry, therefore affects the overall performance of the country''s exports and economic growth. The most affected however are the small farmers. We have examined the market position of the farmers of Mbinga and Tanzania in general, in the coffee supply chain, and suggested alternative strategies to improve the same.The burning question is how coffee farmers can improve their market position. The conclusion affirms the disadvantaged position of the farmers, and the need to improve their situation. A number of recommendations have been given to redeem the farmers. The most important and long-term recommendation, according to the researcher is direct marketing. The application of e-commerce will give the coffee farmers the opportunity to by- pass some of the middlemen and trade with the customers via web site. This book is useful for decision makers, farmers organizations,researchers and the community at large.
A Case study of Mbinga, Tanzania