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Consumer Behaviour In Two-wheeler Industry

Consumer Behaviour In Two-wheeler Industry

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In India, those who use private transportation, majority of them depend on two-wheelers due to convenience, less traffic problems, less price compared to four wheelers, less running and maintenance cost etc. In two-wheeler industry, a large number of Indian and foreign players are competing for higher market share. They focus on consumer psychology for providing the required features in two wheelers, for designing their advertisements, and for identifying better ways of communication to the consumers. This book contains the research study on understanding consumer behaviour of motorcycle users, as a part of two- wheelers, in the state of Gujarat, India. Extensive data analysis has been carried out using various statistical tools. The study identifies some factors / features of motorcycle that are relatively more important to consumers. The book will be helpful in better understanding of behaviour of motorcycle users in the developing countries like India, and will provide a great help to two-wheeler marketers, research scholars and management students.
A Study of Motorcycle Users in India