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Changing Trends in Marketing Communications

Changing Trends in Marketing Communications

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Marketing communication technologies are getting smarter and reach us in different ways we have never expected to be reached. In a world of attention, the very well known saying “Money makes the world go round” can now be modified into “Attention makes the world go round”. Such concepts as Entertainment Marketing, Permission Marketing, and Ideavirus are becoming increasingly popular and must be taken into consideration while trying to communicate different marketing messages successfully. The newly developed techniques generated interest to try to answer a question: What are the non- traditional marketing communication techniques and what is their potential in Latvia and Lithuania? In addition, the two sub questions are: 1. What have been the main trends in the development of marketing communication techniques in the world? 2. What is the applicability/effectiveness/appropriateness of advertising in toilets in Latvia and Lithuania? The results of the thesis give a good understanding of the importance of the non-traditional marketing communication techniques and is a good encouragement to use such techniques more frequently.
How to Grab and Keep Attention?