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When Things Go Wrong

When Things Go Wrong

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Nowadays, so many different rules and guidelines exist, which give instructions on what a company should do, in order to be successful and have a positive global impact on all the related stakeholders. However, every day newspapers are full of compromising headlines which uncover big public scandals which occur even in very well known and respected companies. As it is extremely difficult or even impossible to avoid public scandals, the research question arises: How to improve public relations after being involved in a public scandal? The research question is answered while analyzing four case studies (Case 1: Johnson & Johnson Tampered Tylenol Capsules, Case 2: Exxon Valdez Oil Spill, Case 3: Real Meat Scandal, and Case 4: Nike Sweatshop) and developing What to Do and What Not to Do lists from literature, case studies, and expert opinion. Results of the thesis should be used for familiarizing the companies with existing strategies and best practices; however, in the end encouraging them to develop their own lists to be followed, in case a public scandal occurs.
How to Improve Public Relations After Being Involved in a Public Scandal? Cases of J&J, Exxon Valdez, Metro Group, Nike