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Are Customers Aware

Are Customers Aware

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Customer's awareness has become an important elementtowards business development as it will lead them tobe satisfied to the products and services offered.Previous research indicated that most dominant factorthat influenced customer's awareness is knowledge;followed by information, demography, and intention ordesire. Therefore, this study intended to examine therelationship of independent variables(knowledge,customer intention or desire and demography) tocustomer awareness towards fund management companies.A total of 150 respondents were selected as samplesand they were evaluated on their awareness to theproducts and services provided by the companies. Theresults of the study illustrate that the threeindependent variables are significant and positivelyrelated to customer awareness. Knowledge anddemography factor provide the highest impact oncustomer awareness. Overall, its can be concludedthat customer's are fairly aware to the products andservices provided.
Products and Services of Fund Management Companies