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Advertising Media Reach in India

Advertising Media Reach in India

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Under free global market economies and monopolistic market conditions, advertising has become a major means to reach the consumers either for market entry or to retain the existing market share. In India, two-thirds of 1.21 billion populations are middle class and are potential consumers. Hence, domestic as well international producers are relying heavily on advertising for sales promotion. This book, therefore, provides proximate factors affecting durable and non-durable product advertising to reach potential consumers in India. As an integral part of marketing research, the advertising media reach, is therefore very much needed by various interested groups, i.e. the advertiser, advertising agency, the media and certain government agencies. It helps the advertisers to identify the media reaching the targeted consumers. It can also be gainfully used by the media in identifying market segments, and type of media reach. It aids the advertising agencies to optimise media cost and guides the government in detailing advertisement policy.
Proximate factors affecting Durable and Non-durable product advertising to reach potential consumers