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The aim of this study is to provide a framework of principal issues to be addressed and their application in promoting tourism destinations. In the first section, the context of tourism destination marketing is outlined and the value- chain approach is briefly presented. In the second section a review of the strategic marketing approach is carried out. The next section addresses and highlights the main issues and aspects of clustering; i.e. clusters' applications within tourism industry, their activities, as well as their contribution and benefits resulting at destination level, illustrated by a case study. The forth section consists of a comprehensive approach to electronic marketing, an issue of special interest in destination marketing. It explores the contribution of ICT and the use of viral marketing and social networks. A very recent study is presented, illustrating the advantages as well as the limits of the Internet in promoting tourism services. The study completes with conclusions, marketing implications and recommendations contributing to improve effectiveness and efficiency in destination marketing.
Improving Efficiency and Effectiveness