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Cause Related Marketing and its Impact on Sale

Cause Related Marketing and its Impact on Sale

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This study examines the impact of cause related marketing (CRM) campaigns on brand loyalty, consumer purchase intention and on sales. The significance of this research involves the careful study to find the importance of CRM. This new form of marketing, practiced extensively from last two decades across the globe, focuses on CRM practices and its impacts on the companies’ sales. It will help in: a) devising better strategies for the future, b) guide organization that CRM influence the choice of consumers, c) prove to be a very important tool and instrument in creating brand awareness & loyalty and d) boosting up sales and market share in several ways. It develops understanding that how CRM helps in building brand image and goodwill of company as well as the awareness of the brand. The CRM is multi-dimensional and more effective tool among other marketing tools; it is cheap and helps organization to achieve its goals and objectives more widely in the long term. It is proved that CRM campaigns have positive influence on sales activity of the companies and this link is mediated by factors like brand loyalty and consumer purchase intention which have positive effect on sales.
In the Prospect of Pakistani Consumers