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Research for Advertising Decision

Research for Advertising Decision

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Since advertisers increasingly seek greater communication effectiveness, knowledge of consumers’ advertising preferences is becoming essential in the designing of advertising message. The book assesses the influence of information presentation format in terms of advertising appeal and advertising execution style on consumer’s preference of advertisement. Preferences of advertisements change with age and sex. The purpose of this study is to find out the advertising preference of every consumer segment differentiated by age and sex and further explore whether there exists any pattern in the change of advertising preferences through age and sex. The hypothesis stating that the attention, comprehension, retention, attitude and purchase motivation of consumers generated during advertising exposure will remain same in different advertising appeals (rational appeal and emotional appeal) and with different advertising execution styles (animation, slice of life, testimonial, demonstration, fantasy, informative, scientific/ technical evidence, comparison, personality symbol, dramatization) was tested in a 2 x 10 within-subjects MANOVA design for each of the target segment.
A Study on Advertisement and Consumer Behavior from an Information Processing Perspective