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Destination image and its effects on tourism marketing and branding

Destination image and its effects on tourism marketing and branding

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In a tourism context, the image potential customers have of a destination is a very important issue. Images play an essential role in destination choice matters and in this regard, as tourism services are intangible, images are said to become even more important than reality. The concepts of destination image and destination marketing and branding are closely interrelated. The ultimate goal of any destination is to influence possible tourists’ travel-related decision making and choice through marketing activities. Although it is not possible to influence all aspects of image formation, tourism marketers try to strategically establish, reinforce and, if necessary, change the image of their destination by communicating a strong destination brand. The purpose of this work is primarily to give an overview of destination image theory and its interrelationships to destination marketing and branding. In this respect, the work aims at finding out in how far a DMO can achieve to develop a marketing strategy that is consistent and somewhat standardised, and yet adapted to the individual market and culture in which it is operated.
A case study about the Austrian National Tourist Office - with a special focus on the market Sweden