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Marketing Case Study

Marketing Case Study

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This book focuses the influence of marketing strategy on personal financing among the teachers with offered by Bank X based on research of the case study. The personal financing that was mentioned above is a Personal Financing-I which based on the current situation there were lots of interests about the Personal Financing-I from the customers especially teachers regarding as a government servant. So, the main reason why this case study was conducted is to determine whether the influences of marketing strategy on Personal Financing-I among the teachers are significant acceptable or not. The book is to determine the influence of marketing strategy on Personal Financing-I which focused on the marketing mix in determining the marketing activities for an organization. The marketing strategy consists that was recognized and suggested by Kotler and Amstrong are 4P’s, which are namely product, price, promotion and place. But this case study used 3P’s that were suitable with the topic which are product, price, and promotion. So, from this case study wants to identify whether these 3P’s of marketing strategy have a relationship with the teachers are influence to apply Personal Financing-I.
Marketing Strategy