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Big Spending,Compulsive Buying and Externality

Big Spending,Compulsive Buying and Externality

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This work attempts to understand the impact of the changing retailing and credit card environment on compulsive buying and credit default particularly when the society is transforming in India, with increasing exhibition of materialistic behaviour. The changing identity and the structure of the family like, the increased number of educated women entering the workforce and the double income households with higher disposable incomes are enabling and propelling demand. This book is an outcome of a pioneering work in this domain and provides a deep insight from an Indian perspective. The methodology discusses the validation of the measurement tools in India, a deep analysis of the contextual issues and its implications for credit card companies in India. This book is written targeting two basic groups: (a) academicians and members of the public who are interested in the post modern consumerist behaviour in India (b) Financial institutions and credit card companies in India.
An understanding into the buying behaviour and credit card usage pattern in India