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An empirical study on accent lighting

An empirical study on accent lighting

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This study analyzed the influence of accent lighting, one of store atmosphere components, on consumer shopping behavior and experience. Lighting effect has been tested on a sample of 200 consumers of a pharmacy department in a hypermarket, under two lighting conditions (accent lighting vs. general lighting). Data has been collected through an ad-hoc structured questionnaire composed by a set of information on shopping behavior (number of handled items, time spent in the store, impulse purchases, return intention) and shopping experience, related to the experienced comfort during the buying process, the perceived ambient temperature and the overall department evaluation. Data has been statistically processed through a univariate analysis over the sample of 200 consumers, then comparisons were performed using bivariate statistical analysis, testing linear dependency between items and between items and lighting effect. Significant results observed have been then deepen using a multivariate linear model (logistic regression model). Dependent variables related to shopping behavior resulted to be non- significant, while accent lighting showed a significant effect on shopping experience.
Influence on consumer shopping behavior and experience in a hypermarket drug department