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Marketing communication strategies for supermarkets

Marketing communication strategies for supermarkets

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Retail sales is a major economic activity in all world economies and has advance from the street vendor, the grocery store to the supermarkets and hypermarkets.In the globalized market where the offer of the various products and services that are the requirements of modern daily requirements, the scramble to attract and retain customers is highly competitive.Marketing communication is therefore a premier ingredient in the business art of retail business.While working at Metro Cash & Cary a South African retail supermarket chain, at Eldoret in Kenya, this area of marketing communication was the main activity in the merchandising effort.Retailers have to use innovation in their efforts to reach out to customers for their success in retail sales. In researching and proposing the various approaches that different methods that different retail supermarkets use, this book attempts to help those in retail business to employ modern marketing to attract customers
Retail marketing communication