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Big Idea Patterns of the Advertising Creative Process

Big Idea Patterns of the Advertising Creative Process

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This brainstorming toolkit is a guide for ideation (idea formulation), enabling readers to generate valuable marketing campaigns that are on-target and original. With this book, self-sufficient marketers can support themselves in launching big ideas, instead of relying on ad agencies to do their thinking for them. Herein, marketers will find a collection of the world’s most advanced techniques, resources, and activities that stimulate movement of the conscious and subconscious mind. For example, a formal, 7-step formal brainstorming technique invites confident movement through the fog of a campaign by improvising, collaborating, and refining ideas. Imagine a sun with the ability to concentrate its complete attention into one mighty ray of light, as opposed to diluting its energy by shining in all directions. Likewise, with this toolkit, marketers learn to focus their energy for increased potency, for improved focus, and for bright results.
A Brainstorming Toolkit for the Discovery and Launch of Sensible, Sensational Campaigns that Resonate