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Understanding the Effectiveness of Social Marketing Programs

Understanding the Effectiveness of Social Marketing Programs

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Local governments spend considerable amounts of money on public policies, which do not always bring the expected results. For instance, a large part of the public budget in Mexicans Cities is destined to solve social problems, such as cleaning the city. Given that a key cause of the problem is related to poor habits of residents, government has attacked the problem through the use of social ad campaigns, which have not always brought the expected changes in the people. Using action research, this book analyzes the case of Clean City Program in Puebla, Mexico; understanding the problem collectively, and then collectively planning a social marketing strategy to operate a program to promote the cleanliness of the city. Making intensive use of both qualitative and quantitative data gathered throughout program planning and implementation, the researcher evaluates the impact of the Social Marketing Program and its effectiveness. Consequently, this book analyze key factors that influence the effectiveness of social marketing programs for a better understanding that could help institutions to develop and implement more suitable social programs to increase the efficacy of policy-making.
through Action Research