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Edging Customer Loyalty Enhancing Communication

Edging Customer Loyalty Enhancing Communication

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The telecommunication business has been transformed in Sweden through the past few years. Previously telecom industry was under monopoly which has now been converted into more competitive market. Through this research project, the researchers have built the understanding regarding which triggers influence the customers to switch and which kind of communication attracts them in order to make a decision about staying with current operator or switching to the new one. The theoretical framework is constructed on previous research on customer behavior, customer relationship management and contemporary written communication in the field of service management and marketing. The results of the research show that passive customers are more inclined towards the communication that focuses mainly on cheaper price options and they should be frequently communicated the cheaper options whereas active customers mainly search actively for the more rich information therefore they should be communicated regarding various innovative services and beneficial packages through social networking platforms and emailing newsletters.
A Qualitative Study of Telecom Customers