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Value Creation in International Business Relationships

Value Creation in International Business Relationships

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A growing number of marketing researchers and practitioners are considering value as an essential constituent of marketing strategy development and implementation. Delivering superior value to customers is a key to creating and sustaining long-term business relationships. In order to differentiate themselves through improved customer interactions, wood products companies need to understand how they can create value in international business-to-business relationships. This book examines how wood products companies create value in international business relationships. As a highly competitive player worldwide, this book focused on the perspective of Finnish wood products suppliers. A conceptual framework of supplier's value creations in international business relationships was developed, and a nationwide survey with a structured questionnaire was conducted to closely examine prevailing experiences and perceptions in both primary and value-added wood products companies in Finland. The distinguishing characteristics and possible measures of Finnish wood products suppliers' value creation in international business relationships were discussed in conclusion.
Perspectives of Finnish wood products suppliers