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A Study of TRP Measurement in Jammu City

A Study of TRP Measurement in Jammu City

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The dissertation “A Study of TRP Measurement in Jammu City” deals with measurement of TRP in Jammu city. The project is completely based on the human behavior and the perception of the viewers. Before going for measuring TRP in Jammu city, the researcher have tried to find out the trend analysis of TRP of 5 different dominant entertainment channels in India. From that study it can be concluded that the TRP of Star Plus, Sony TV & Gemini TV is declining because of new entrants in the television industry like Star One, Colors, NDTV Imagine, 9X, Neo Cricket, etc. and also Zee TV’s TRP is also rising but there is as such no effect on TRP of Sun TV. Then, after that a detailed questionnaire has been prepared and the process of analysis is done. In the research, MS Excel & Minitab 15 software has been used to do the analysis. From the study, it can be concluded that it is Colors who is always at the top, whether it’s Monday, Saturday or Sunday at whatever time it is. It is because of the prime time that has been chosen for measuring TRP in the research.
TRP Study of Jammu