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Celebrity endorsement affecting consumer's attitude towards the Ads

Celebrity endorsement affecting consumer's attitude towards the Ads

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This study has been conducted on 'Celebrity endorsement affecting consumer's attitude towards the advertisement and purchase intension' to understand the impact of celebrity endorsement on the young generation via different channels. It includes the consumer's behavior and in what direction advancements should be made so as to know how celebrity endorsement of a product can enhance the company's sales. The right match of celebrity for endorsing the brand or product is important to know about the perception of viewers and consumers purchase intention. The manuscript consists of five chapters. The first chapter deals with the introduction which discusses the concept of celebrity endorsement and consumer behavior. Chapter two contains the summary of various studies which have been carried out by different authors in the related field. Chapter three focuses on the need for study of the objectives, research methodology, managerial implications and limitations. Chapter four contains data analysis and interpretation based on the responses received. Conclusions on the basis of findings are the components of chapter five.
Research based on consumer’s behavioral change by celebrity endorsement through advertising