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Critical Role of Strategic Planners

Critical Role of Strategic Planners

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Growing high technology and FMCG industries depend on the advertising agencies for communicating strategy for their brands and building connect with the customer. Globalization has helped brands to reach consumers faster. Differences in culture, economic conditions, demographics, languages, penetration, media exposure and infrastructure pose challenges for the brands. Global brands successful in one country may struggle to have a position amongst other markets. Brands are constantly working to get the mind share and sustain market share. Some Global brands are customized to meet local needs of the consumers. Also some brands position themselves as a premium brand in one country while economic to premium brand in others. Many Global food chains have products and services customized to local consumer palate. Companies seek the help of Advertising agencies to get a mind share of the consumer. A strategic planner provides direction for the brands and builds the brand key. This book has tried to give an insight into the critical role of strategic planners in an advertising agency for a successful and sustainable business strategy.
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