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Tourism Marketing in Ethiopia

Tourism Marketing in Ethiopia

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The purpose of this study was to analyze tourism marketing in Ethiopia with respect to major objectives including to identify significant variables/ dimensions that attracts tourists to visit Ethiopia and determine their level of satisfaction; identify most attractive tourist market segments in Ethiopia; examine the amount of revenue generated from international tourists who visited Ethiopia and Ethiopia’s market share in world tourism; explore the feasibility of governments promotional strategy used to promote tourism; assess the performance of marketing intermediaries in enhancing the level of tourist’s satisfaction in Ethiopia; etc. To realize this objectives a research instrument was developed for international travelers, management groups of the various sectors in tourism and host communities. Various hypothesizes were also designed, developed, and tested using appropriate inferential statistics: independent t-test, one way ANOVAs, correlation analysis, step-wise multiple regression analysis, factor analysis. The major findings of the study have various significant managerial implications for destination marketers.
An Endeavor Towards World Class Tourist Destination