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E-Commerce - a new business tool

E-Commerce - a new business tool

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E-Commerce has emerged as an imposing, challenging and ever changing business tool, aiming to usher in a new era. The successful implementation of E-commerce requires extensive exploration of the perceptions revoloving around it. The book deciphers the perspectives of the customers and e-marketers towards E-commerce and the problems related to it, thereby evolving e-marketing strategies. The e-strategies derived revolve around the 4Ps viz:Product (providing product-related information, comparitive shopping aid, Maintaining quality, customization); Price (no middlemen so low price and no hidden cost); Place (timely delivery, simple ordering system, clarity of after-sales service, payment security) and Promotion (Search Engine optimization, Return on time invested). The enmeshed state of the web has attracted the attention of the researchers, marketers and the customers, thereby unfolding many interesting findings as the research progressed, the same have been shared in the book.
Customers and Marketers Perspectives