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Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty

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The Mobile telecommunication industry of Pakistan is very highly competitive with five major players and a teledensity of 58%. Due to this intense competition it becoming increasingly important for cellular companies to make their customer loyal and retain them for longer time. The aim of this dissertation is to gauge the level of satisfaction and loyalty in the Mobile telecommunication industry of Pakistan and to investigate the driving factors which are responsible for making customers loyal.This research study is carried out by collecting both primary and secondary data. Primary data is collected through Questionnaire which was aimed to investigate the satisfaction level of customers and the most influencing driver of customer loyalty in Mobile telecommunication industry of Pakistan. The data obtained through this Questionnaire was analyzed through frequency distribution analysis (FDA).The Analysis of Data obtained revealed that customers are very satisfied and loyal to their Network operators in Pakistan. It was further revealed that Price, Network coverage and service quality are the most important loyalty drivers in this industry.
In Mobile Telecommunication Industry of Pakistan A Case Study of Telenor Pakistan