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The Impact Of Social Networking On Marketing, PR and Events

The Impact Of Social Networking On Marketing, PR and Events

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The burgeoning adoption of social networking tool for promotion of business has tremendously changed the face of many businesses in the last one or two decades. This increasing adoption of social networking by businesses poses entirely new set of demands on enterprise IT and business owners every day. No matter the nature of the business, owners of businesses now believe a solution for promoting their business is available through social networking. While this claim may be true, an extensive market research may be necessary in order to get the best and appropriate solution for the business through social networking. In contemporary PR, marketing and events business—especially entertainment—it has become practically impossible to thrive without social networking. YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking sites have suddenly become essential tools in a PR professional’s overall marketing / promotional toolkit.
An analysis on the ever growing importance of Social Networks on effective Brand Communications Strategies