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Neuromarketing is a new field where experts from field of neuroscience and marketing have tried to incorporate neuro technologies with marketing techniques to answer the hidden truths in minds of customers. Neuromarketing is a study of human brain through neuroscienctific technologies, like FMRI scanner, EEG, or eye tracker, to get a deeper insight into the psychology of consumer buying patterns. On the other hand, ATL advertising stand for above the line advertising that includes mediums like, television, newspaper, and billboards. In this advertising the marketers tailor the message to access mass audience through these mediums. ATL advertising though is expensive, but is the most effective way of delivering integrated marketing message developed for a product or a brand. The book explains neuromarketing and ATL advertising separately, and then finds ways to utilize the results of neuromarketing for making an advertisement more effective. It also explains how marketing and neuroscience should be merged. The motive is to find out the available and potential resources to conduct a neuromarketing research within Pakistan and to highlight the conventional ways of devising an IMC.
A Post Modern Pakistani Perspective