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The marketing practices and problems of MSEs in Addis Ababa

The marketing practices and problems of MSEs in Addis Ababa

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Nowadays, small and medium sized enterprises in market economies are the engine of economic development. moreover, due to their flexibility, adaptability and their potential to react to challenges and changing environments, MSEs contribute to the sustainable growth and employment generation significantly. On the other hand, due to rapid globalization the business environment is becoming more hectic and highly competitive so that MSEs are attempting to grapple and stay afloat. Currently, like big business, marketing in MSEs sector involves all aspects of marketing such as the product, promotional methods and the distribution element. The sector should also address the marketing problems that comes from increased competition, lack of skills in producing the product, lack of capital to expand their enterprises and go to the international market. Hence, the book attempts to show the overall picture of the marketing practices and the problems that these MSEs face.
Emphasis on Construction and Metal and Wood Work Sub-sectors