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Impact of Organisational Culture on OCB: A Comparative Analysis

Impact of Organisational Culture on OCB: A Comparative Analysis

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Impact of Organisational Culture on OCB (Organisational Citizenship Behaviour): A Comparative Analysis, is an attempt to integrate two separate disciplines in the behavioral science landscape. OCB caught the attention of the academicians and practitioners not long back. While academicians tried to link OCB with other Organisational Behaviours like commitment, procedural justice, positive mood, leadership, personality and others, the practitioners were busy finding out the reasons for reducing Organizatinal Loyalty, high turnover and low commitment to work. But, very little attention has been diverted to understanding Organizational Culture as a predictor of extra - role behaviours. The current work is an attempt to link Organisational Culture as a precursor of certain Behaviors that goes beyond the Organizational rule book. I believe the work will of value to people having interest in people and behavioural dynamics. Individuals having academic and research interest may find this work useful in widening their research perspective. Also, the practioners can benefit by linking different factors of their Organisational Culture to elicit Citizenship Behaviours from employees.
Issues, Perspectives and Interventions