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Sustainable Youth Tourism

Sustainable Youth Tourism

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Corporate Social Responsibility is gaining attention among all industries. It means the responsibility today?s companies have towards the current and the future society to meet their needs. Youth tourism has a long history in Germany. As one of the first countries investing in this niche market, Germany is still a world wide leader. This book links two growing niche markets of youth travel and sustainable tourism, analyzes their importance for the industry and gives reasons for youth travel tour operators to commit to sustainable tourism. In the end, ideas are presented, what a CSR-policy could look like and how it is to be integrated in the overall business strategy to help reach a company?s goals. Corporations that act internationally, such as most tourism businesses, have big potential to change to sustainability and long-term success, especially, when they are serving a niche market which is expected to grow, like the youth travel industry.
Should German Youth Travel Tour Operators introduce a CSR-policy?