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Innovative Work Behaviour and Global Challenges for Managers

Innovative Work Behaviour and Global Challenges for Managers

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Organizational change has become a way of life as a result of globalization. One of the most significant essentials for success during transition is innovation and innovating to take the challenge, motivate, and empower endeavor and teamwork through change are the characteristics of a successful manager. Change -- adroit organizations need attributes that are associated with a particular role for leaders (managers). The imagination to innovate being the first among them is very relevant for studying, to encourage innovation, effective leaders help develop new concepts -- the ideas, models, and applications of technology that set an organization on the path to survive in this turbulent market. The contemporary perspective of work in organizations has changed considerably over the past several decades, and the complexity of business activities that requires implementation to be clinched the ability to anticipate and respond to the relevant environmental changes, through the problem solving skills of the individuals is the requirement.
Innovative Work Behaviour And Role Of Human Resource